Cherries Jubilee

Photo by: K. Henriques

I’ve been really excited to try this recipe for a few weeks now. It may not look super exciting in the photo above, but you get to flambé the cherries which basically means you pour alcohol into the pan and set it on fire to caramelize the sugar. I chose the recipe from Saving Room for Dessert because of the ones I surveyed online it seemed the most straight-forward.

The actual steps of this recipe are very easy; however, it does take a good bit of time to pit all of the cherries. The only thing I did differently was to use a lime instead of a lemon since that’s what I had on hand. For the alcohol, I used brandy and I was a little nervous about setting it on fire since I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It didn’t flame up as much as expected, but still looked really cool. Be sure to check out my Instagram to see the video!

The syrup was warm and delicious; the cherries had a nice sweet but not overpowering flavor. I could have eaten an entire bowl by itself and they were the perfect addition to vanilla custard ice cream and my new favorite brownie recipe. Other than the pitting process being a little time consuming, this is really easy to make and would be a fun dessert to make with friends who might find it fun to watch you flambé!

Baking Ease10
Time Spent9

Recipe Used: Saving Room for Dessert

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