Best Homemade Brownies

Photo: K. Henriques

Tuesday we had a brownie bake-off at work so I decided to take these recipes I recently discovered. My best friend’s husband made these brownies when I visited and they were so good I had to ask for the recipe. I love brownies, but I feel like a lot of recipes end up overly sweet and it’s just too much for me sometimes. These retain some of the good bitterness that you find in delicious dark chocolate and it helps bring the sweetness down.

This is a really easy recipe to make, which is great because my goal was to replace a boxed brownie mix. Honestly, it only takes a few more minutes to prep ingredients to make these from scratch but once you try these you’ll find it’s worth that effort!

The notes on this recipe say that you can cut the sugar down to 1 cup (from 1 1/2 cups). I wanted to drop the sugar a little so I only used 1 1/4 cups of sugar and that probably helped reduce the sweetness without sacrificing taste. I also used dutch process cocoa because that’s what we happened to have in the pantry – not sure if that made any difference though. For my dark chocolate chunks I chopped up a Ghirardelli 60% cacao bar and threw that in the mixture. Finally, I used canola oil since I didn’t necessarily want these to have an olive oil vibe.

I baked my brownies for exactly 40 minutes but as this recipe states, it’s better to pull these out of the oven early rather than over bake them. This allows the brownies to have a fudgy texture! Be sure to let these cool completely before cutting and eating. These taste so good by themselves or with a little vanilla ice cream!

Baking Ease10
Time Spent10

Recipe Used: Weeknight Baking (also found on Love & Lemons website)

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