About Me

A little background…

Growing up my cousin Kacey and I would pretend we owned our own restaurant called Kay & K’s. We were only allowed to make scrambled eggs or make sandwiches at the time, but I have fond memories of creating our own dishes, menus, and serving our patrons (a.k.a our family).

Fast forward two decades later and not much had changed. While I have graduated to making more than just eggs and sandwiches, I still enjoy entertaining and creating fun foods. I’m definitely no professional baker, but I thought this blog would be a good way to document my favorite recipes, photos, and baking adventures.

Is this just a blog about me trying various recipes and blogging about my experience? Yes, but hopefully readers will learn from my mistakes and find a couple of new recipes you’ll want to try too! Find out more about my ranking system here.

Follow me on social media for more baking and behind-the-scenes photos as well as some of my favorite foods tried while traveling. I’m always looking for new recipes, so if you have one you’d like me to try please email me!

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