Ranking System

Baking can have different results for different people. Some of these variances are due to geographical regions, skill-level, and quality of ingredients. As a note, I live in the Southeast corner of the US and am cooking on a gas stove/oven.

Because there can be so many different outcomes using the exact same recipe I wanted to create some kind of ranking system to give viability into my personal experience with a recipe. A ranking system isn’t really helpful though unless you understand how it’s set up though.

I’m basing my rankings on four categories: baking ease, time spent, taste, and visual. 1 is a low ranking meaning the recipe is difficult, time consuming, doesn’t taste great, or looks terrible. 10 is a high ranking meaning the recipe is easy, quick, tastes amazing, and looks great.All of my comments, rankings, and suggestions are of course based on my opinion though so please use these as a loose guide if you decide to try a recipe yourself!

Baking Ease10
Time Spent10

Baking ease – how easy is this recipe to make for the average person?

Time Spent – from start to finish, how long does this recipe take?

Taste – how does the finished product taste overall?

Visual – does the final product look appealing?

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