Classic Buttermilk Waffles

After trying King Arthur’s pancake recipe I decided it was time to crack open their King Arthur Baking Companion and try their waffle recipe. Personally I’m more of a waffle girl so I’m always game to taste test waffle recipes. 🙂

There’s four steps to this recipe; it really can’t get any easier than that! I did not even know they made pastry flour so we used all-purpose flour, but the notes indicate pastry flour yields a crispier waffle so next time I try these I want to find some to see what difference it makes. It also gives the option to use 1/2 cup of pecan meal or almond flour as added flavor but we didn’t do that this time either.

It might be hard to see from the photo but we have a Belgian waffle maker so I’m not sure if that affected the recipe at all; though it will likely affect the cooking time. Just keep an eye on things and take the waffle out once it’s starting to look golden brown.

These were really good but my one frustration with waffles is by the time you’re done making all of them they’ve gotten a little soft. We normally keep ours in the oven to stay warm and try and avoid the softness, but it doesn’t always help. As mentioned above I really want to find some pastry flour and try it since apparently that specifically helps to make the waffles crispier. I’ll keep you posted but despite that this was still a stellar waffle recipe.

Baking Ease10
Time Spent9

Recipe Used: King Arthur’s Baking Companion p. 15 or their website

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