Crispy Belgian Waffles

It’s waffle time again! Last time I made waffles I used the King Arthur recipe so in the interest of experimentation I found another recipe to try this time. I prefer a really crispy waffle so that was my goal in searching for the right recipe.

One key difference between this recipe and others is that it’s designed for a Belgian waffle maker, though I’m sure you could use a normal waffle maker if you needed to. According to this recipe, “The secret ingredient to get them extra crispy is the cornstarch!” I know I’ve said this before, but I really hate folding whipped egg whites into a batter. I always feel like I either don’t mix enough, or mix too much. Thankfully this is something my husband is good at so I always pull him in to supervise.

Once you’ve got your batter done just pour some of it onto the hot (and sprayed) Belgian waffle maker and wait. This is the only part about making waffles I hate, because it feels like it takes forever and if you’re making a batch you risk the waffles getting a little soggy while you wait for the others to cook. We always turn the oven on and throw the waffles in there to help keep them crispier.

I definitely noticed a difference in crispness over the King Arthur recipe. It still wasn’t quite as crispy as I prefer, but I also think I could have left mine in the waffle maker a little longer. They were very good though and this recipe warrants another try in the future!

Baking Ease10
Time Spent9

Recipe Used: Jo Cooks

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