(Easy) Mini Lemon Tarts

Photo: K. Henriques

Two lemon recipes in a row! If you’re looking for a quick and easy recipe for a party these mini lemon tarts are perfect! Plus they look very fancy so it looks like you spent a lot of time when in reality you didn’t! We’ve made several Food Wishes recipes before with good success and the videos are great to watch as well.

When I saw this recipe is easy it’s really true. You’re using store-bought puff pastry (slightly thawed) and then using a small biscuit cutter to achieve the rounded shapes. We used a biscuit cutter with a fluted edge just for fun. Make sure do use a smaller circle to create an indentation in the center, but don’t take it out. Bake these for the appropriate time and then you let them cool fully before cutting around the inner circle and then gently pressing that portion down. This gives you a nice little well to fill with lemon curd!

We used a microwavable lemon curd recipe my husband used when he worked at a bakery but you can use the Food Wishes recipe or fill the middle with custard, chocolate mousse or whatever else you think might work! If you make your own lemon curd be sure to make it ahead of time so it can cool and put some plastic wrap on top of the lemon curd to avoid a skin from forming. I’d recommend filling the tarts just a little before serving to avoid the puff pastry from getting soggy.

We topped ours with blackberries and raspberries as a little garnish. I didn’t sprinkle powdered sugar just because I had set them all out and didn’t want to get powdered sugar everywhere but looking back I wish I had done so. It didn’t affect taste – these were amazing! Perfect bite-size desserts that are delicious and easy; can’t wait to make these again soon!

Baking Ease10
Time Spent10

Recipe Used: Food Wishes

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