(Super Easy) Flourless Chocolate Cake

Photo by: K. Henriques

I made a flourless chocolate cake a few years ago and decided it was time to try another recipe. As the recipe name implies, it’s super easy; which is great!

We generally use Ghirardelli’s chocolate and did use the 70% as recommended. I’m sure 60% would be fine too but I don’t know that I’d go any less personally otherwise I think it would be too sweet and lose some of the rich flavor. Be sure to only have this on active heat long enough to melt the chocolate otherwise you risk burning the chocolate/butter mixture.

Yes, this recipe does use 6 eggs. No one ever said this was a healthy recipe! We use a different method for separating eggs but I don’t think that matters as long as you get the job done. He whips the egg whites by hand and that’s probably the safest method to avoid over whipping since you want soft peaks, but while he does have a preference for what he does it doesn’t sound like it’s a huge deal either way – as long as you gets some foam in the egg whites. As a note, we didn’t have fancy eggs in the house so we did just use normal large eggs you’d find at a local grocery store.

We do have a Nespresso machine (which we love!), but we always try to keep instant espresso on hand so we used it in this recipe instead of the coffee pod. Then you mix everything together (except the egg whites) and stir. Once you’ve got everything mixed you’ll stir in the egg whites and make sure everything is mixed together. Somehow I always manage to over whip egg whites when folding it into a cake, so I was so grateful this recipe didn’t worry about it as much.

We did use a spring-form pan as it was easier to serve on and we kind of messed up the top a little while cutting, but it didn’t affect the taste so we didn’t really care. This cake is so good and really easy which is a win-win. We didn’t follow his recipe for whipped cream, nor did we dust the top with cocoa powder; we did make our own whipped cream to eat with the cake and it was very good.

Excellent cake and we definitely will make this again; especially since it’s naturally gluten-free. As a quick side note, while I don’t usually do any cooking here, Brian’s other recipes are really good so you should check those out!

Baking Ease9
Time Spent10

Recipe Used: Brian Lagerstrom

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