The Best Cowboy Cookies

Photo: K. Henriques

Like the author of today’s recipe, I too had never heard of Cowboy Cookies. I happened to run across this post on Instagram and thought they looked fun. I’m not a huge fan of coconut, but in the spirit of trying new things I thought I’d give these a try.

Generally speaking, this recipe is fairly easy; just a little more time consuming since you do brown the butter. Once you’ve done this part, the rest is fairly easy: wet ingredients all together (with both sugars) and then the rest of the dry ingredients. I didn’t realize how much this would make and thankfully realized before I mixed the two together that I’d never properly mix them in the size bowl I was using. I’d recommend grabbing a pretty large bowl so you can really mix everything together. Even with the large bowl I found my dough was a little dry but I kept stirring and it helped. I thought I got it all until I finally got to the bottom of the bowl when scooping these out so apparently I missed a little.

The cookies were a little puffy when I pulled them out of the oven and that’s happened before so I looked it up online and it’s possible there was a little too much flour. I didn’t weigh the flour so that’s completely possible so you might try that if you test these yourself. It could also be too much baking soda, but I don’t think that’s the case here since no one else seemed to have the issue in the comments section of this recipe.

Moving on… besides being a little puffy the cookies were good. I pressed some pecans and chocolate chips into the top and they looked quite pretty; though nowhere near as pretty as those in the recipe! While I don’t normally like coconut, they were good, but I’m realizing too many flavors can be a little overwhelming for me. They reminded me a bit of the the Flu Fighter Cookies I made a few years ago, which were good but just a lot of flavors in one cookie. These were pretty sweet, but someone in the comments mentioned they reduced the brown sugar so I might try that next time to see if it helps.

All in all, these were fun and fairly easy to make. It’s a nice change from basic oatmeal or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! I gave it a 9 all around and I’m usually harder on myself with the visual aspect here, but in looking back at them they still look quite nice. But in comparison of the recipe photo definitely not a 10.

Baking Ease9
Time Spent9

Recipe Used: Baker By Nature

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