Brownie Crinkle Cookies

Photo: K. Henriques

I ran across this recipe on Instagram and was immediately intrigued since it’s a cookie, but also kind of a brownie. I liked the idea of that and decided to give it a try. I’m a little under halfway through my cookie baking marathon so now might not be the time to remind you that I’m actually not a huge cookie lover. Most of the time I just eat them when they’re still warm out of the oven but I rarely eat them later. These cookies might change that though as they are delicious anytime!

The recipe itself isn’t very difficult, though you do need a kitchen scale to accurately weigh out the ingredients. I’d recommend reading the preamble to the recipe (or watch the video!) since things like using the correct kind of cocoa, chocolate that has 65-70% cocoa solids, and the timing kind affect the results.

I went ahead and prepped everything so it was ready once I needed it. I melted the butter/chocolate mixture in the microwave rather than using a double boiler. Once it was ready to go I mixed together the eggs and sugars. I don’t often find castor sugar in our grocery stores, so I just used granulated sugar. Because the time apparently has a big impact on the recipe I set a timer so it mixed for exactly 5 minutes. I continued following all of the instructions and tried not to mix too much when I added the flour mixture since I know that can toughen things up.

I have been known to accidentally skip over important aspects of a recipe so I’ve been trying to slow down more and read everything beforehand. Unfortunately I missed that this recipe makes 10 cookies, meaning the scoop I should have used would have been bigger; so my cookies were a little smaller. As the final touch, I added a sprinkle of Maldon salt on top before baking and then popped them in the oven.

It was really hard not to eat these before they rested for 20-30 minutes. So difficult in fact, that I only made it to about 15 minutes before I finally caved and ate it. It was still warm and gooey in the middle and the salt added a nice visual element and taste. It. was. delicious.

These would be perfect for a party or just a nice evening dessert. 🙂

Baking Ease9
Time Spent10

Recipe Used: The Boy Who Bakes

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