Best-Ever Easter Bread

Photo: K. Henriques

I don’t often make bread so I always get nervous trying bread recipes because I feel like they can be so finicky. This recipe looked so fun though and I’m trying to push myself outside my comfort zone a little so I figured I’d just try it and see what happens. This recipe takes a good bit of time, but it’s not active time since this recipe needs to proof for a total of 2 hours. Thankfully I just did other stuff around the house during that time so it wasn’t a big deal.

Technically speaking, the actual bread recipe is pretty easy because we have a stand mixer with a dough hook so honestly that does almost all of the work for you. I went back and forth on how to rate the baking ease and decided on 9 because the stand mixer did so much of the work and honestly the hardest part was braiding. I did do a little light kneading before the first proofing to round it out a little and ensure it wasn’t sticky. I punched the bread down after the first proof and then cut it into thirds. It’s been a while since I braided hair so it took a few minutes to remember how to do that again, but thankfully it came back to me. I made my dyed eggs during the first proof so I nestled those into the braided dough and then let it proof a second time.

I accidentally got a little crazy with the egg wash (which I forgot to add the water so it was just an egg brushed on the dough) but then added the sprinkles and popped it in the oven. I was so impressed with how it looked coming out of the oven! This was my first time making challah bread (which apparently is what Easter bread is) and besides the proof time, this is really an easy recipe. It tasted great and I’m hoping to use some of it for french bread later this week!

Baking Ease9
Time Spent7

Recipe Used: Delish

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