Dairy Free Chocolate Cake

Photo: K. Henriques

My colleague recommended this dairy free chocolate cake so I decided to give it a try. The actual cake recipe is super easy and honestly one of the best chocolate cake recipes I’ve made in a long time. I also love that it’s enough for 3 layers which is great too! For the vegan buttermilk I had almond milk on hand so I used that instead of soy milk and it seemed to work very well.

As for the frosting, I’ve made various frostings before that are dairy free using Crisco and almond milk but I had never tried using vegan butter. It’s quite easy to make, though I think I put a little too much almond milk in so I had to add a little more powdered sugar to get the right consistency. I wish I had leveled my cakes before icing because my cake ended up a little lopsided. I decided not to add chocolate shavings on top since I didn’t have the right kind of chocolate but it was still delicious. That’s the only reason I gave this a 9 for visual because I felt like I could have done a few things had I been thinking clearly to clean up the presentation.

All in all this is an amazing cake recipe and I can almost I guarantee no one will know this cake is dairy free! It’s easy and delicious so win win for me and definitely a cake I’ll make again.

Baking Ease10
Time Spent10

Recipe Used: Loving It Vegan

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