Speckled Malted Coconut Cake

Photo: K. Henriques

The photo of this cake on Country Living’s website is just stunning and after running across this recipe I knew I was going to have to try it. I’m not a huge fan of coconut cake, much less malt, but it was just too pretty to not test out. Plus my coworkers are pretty awesome taste testers so it’s not like I make all of this and then if I don’t like it then it gets thrown out so that always makes me feel better about trying new recipes.

While this cake is gorgeous it is fairly intensive so be mindful of that if you try it for yourself. Technically speaking, the only thing that’s actually fairly difficult in this recipe is whipping the egg whites (if you’re not used to doing that) and then the phyllo nest. The cake was pretty easy to throw together but I was really dissapointed that my cake was flatter than what is shown on the actual recipe. Somehow, I manage to do this every time I have to fold whipped egg whites into a cake batter so I know I’m not being gentle enough and deflating them. It’s just so frustrating because I can’t seem to mix it without over mixing….

With the cakes cooling I focused my attention on the icing. I have never used cream of coconut before but it smelled great and even though I don’t love coconut (it’s mainly that I don’t like the coconut flakes) the icing was so good! I used just a little royal blue icing to achieve the sort of robin’s egg blue as seen in the photo. I could not find normal size Robin’s Egg candies which was disappointing so that’s why mine look a little small in comparison to the entire cake.

I was worried the phyllo nest would be impossible as I rarely work with phyllo dough. I think I used more than 6 layers of phyllo dough but I was so amazed at how nicely it turned out. I don’t have a paint brush that is food safe so I tried to think of something else that might work and ended up using an extra toothbrush (that had never been opened!) and flicking the brown food coloring on the cake. It was actually a little more flecks than I wanted, but I wasn’t sure this cake would even look anything like the one in the picture so I’m calling this a success.

Ultimately, I think I would want to try this again since the cakes were a little flat and I didn’t put enough icing in the layers (I was worried I wouldn’t have enough for the top/sides but definitely would have). I’d also want the cake to look a little cleaner with the flecks, normal size Robin’s Egg candies for better proportion, and be on a prettier cake stand. Taste wise I really didn’t taste the malt in the cake, but that also could be because the cakes were flat and so it felt a little heavier on the icing than it did cake (despite being 3 layers). The icing was amazing and honestly, for someone that doesn’t like coconut cake this was really good!

Baking Ease8
Time Spent7

Recipe Used: Country Living

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