Apple Matzo Cake

Photo by: K. Henriques

In honor of Passover beginning on Saturday I wanted to try and find a recipe to try that could be eaten as part of a Passover celebration. I ran across this recipe for Apple Matzo Cake and thought it looked interesting, especially since it uses Matzo crackers instead of flour.

As a whole this is a pretty easy recipe to put together. Honestly the longest part was peeling and grating the apples – one of my least favorite things to do even though I love apple baked goods. You do have to whip the egg whites so that’s probably a little more complicated than just throwing everything in a bowl and mixing but don’t be intimidated by that if you’ve never done it before. I could really smell the flavors while baking and was a little worried it was going to burn around the edges as it was starting to get really brown and I could tell the middle still needed some time.

This had a really nice bright flavor, which I think is thanks to the lemon and the pecans paired nicely as well. I felt like the texture was a little lacking only because it was pretty crumbly but honestly it tasted great so I didn’t feel like that was a big deal. Definitely a fun dessert to try and something I’d probably make again!

Baking Ease9
Time Spent8

Recipe Used: Noble Pig

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