Cranberry Scones

Photo: K. Henriques

I love scones and feel like we don’t talk about these delicious treats enough. Let it be known that I’m all for incorporating tea time here in the US like they do in the UK. Why would you not want to make time for a nice cup of tea and a little treat to go along with it?

Enough of my commentary on the lack of tea breaks here in America…. on to today’s recipe. I chose this recipe because I felt like the only thing I ever make with cranberries is cranberry bread. Wanting to branch out a little I found this recipe for cranberry scones and thought I’d give it a try.

This is a really quick recipe and one you could easily do if you had all of the ingredients on hand for a quick breakfast. I think it took me longer to cut all of the cranberries in half than it did to mix everything together. I did not have half and half so I just used half whole milk and half heavy cream.

In addition to being quick, this recipe is pretty easy too. The hardest part is kneading; only because my mixture was drier than I think it was supposed to be. I threw another few teaspoons of milk in there and to help keep things together so keep that in mind if you try this yourself. Once I added the extra milk things came together nicely and it was a lot easier to shape and then cut into triangles.

These turned out pretty nice even though I accidentally left them in the oven a few minutes longer than called for (which is why they’re a little brown around the edges). I was a little disappointed at these in regards to taste as I felt they were underwhelming. They were good, but I only got a hint of cranberry every few bites and other than that it was just the biscuit. If I made this recipe again I would definitely add more cranberries and maybe even some orange zest. All in all a good scone, but needs somethings to give it more of a cranberry flavor to feel like an actual cranberry scone.

Baking Ease8
Time Spent9

Recipe used: Martha Stewart

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