Neapolitan Cookie Recipe

Photo: K. Henriques

When I saw these cookies on Instagram I knew I had to try them – they’re just too fun looking! Let me start by saying the recipe isn’t hard – but it is a little time consuming.

First, you’re basically making a giant batch of sugar cookie dough so that’s the easy part. You cream the butter/sugar, add the eggs, then add in your dry ingredients. Dump this out on your counter and I shaped it into a oval ball and then cut it into thirds. Setting one of the thirds aside I decided to do the strawberry dough first and using my stand mixture I added the pulsed freeze dried strawberry dust into the dough and let it mix thoroughly. I added a little red food coloring as well until it got to the color I wanted. I set this dough aside, wiped down the mixture and added the cocoa powder to the last third of cookie dough. I wanted a really dark color so I used black dutch process coca which I found online. Once this is mixed you’ve got everything and are ready to start shaping the cookies.

This is where it’s a little time consuming, or at least it was for me. I wanted the design where it looks like a scoop of Neapolitan ice cream so I pulled a teaspoon or so of dough from each third of cookie dough and pressed it into a big cookie scoop. Make sure to press it down gently so it adheres together and then scoop it out and roll in granulated sugar. There were still some remnants of cookie dough in the scoop after I scooped it out so I just cleaned those off before preceding so it would look nice. You wouldn’t think this would take so long but it’s not as quick as you’d think so just be prepared to do this for a while.

It’s totally worth it though because the cookies looked amazing and they taste really good too. The strawberry part especially was flavorful without being overpowering.

Baking Ease10
Time Spent8

Recipe Used: The Vanilla Bean Blog

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