Soft Batch Chocolate M&M Cookies

Photo: K. Henriques

Today’s recipe is another Instagram find that I saved for later since these looked so delicious. I rarely use M&M’s to bake with, mainly because I forget about them; but it’s so fun to have such colorful looking cookies.

The recipe itself is really straightforward and honestly would have been ranked at a 10 for baking ease were it not for the melted chocolate part. I try to be very careful not to overheat because it really stinks when the chocolate seizes and I thought I was being careful this time but apparently not. The chocolate mixture was definitely not whisk-able (I’m making that an official word…) so I dumped it out and tried again. When it happened a second time I decided I was just going to use it anyway since it wasn’t fully seized to see what happened.

Moving on, I had already prepped all of my dry ingredients so I finished putting the vanilla, sugars, eggs, and milk into the chocolate mixture. I poured this into the dry ingredients and stirred briefly; then added the chocolate chips and M&M’s. I don’t normally keep milk chocolate chips on hand so I used semi-sweet chocolate chips in the batter.

My cookies were a little puffier which, based on the comments, might be due to over mixing when I put all of the M&M’s and chocolate chips in. Unfortunately I used all of the M&M’s in the batter so I didn’t have any left to press into the top so mine aren’t as pretty as the recipe shows but they tasted very good! Thankfully it seems my chocolate situation didn’t affect the overall outcome so that made me feel better. My husband dubbed these a party food as they’re very rich and would be great with a bunch of fun snacks. I’d definitely make these again and get a bigger bag of M&M’s for garnish.

Baking Ease9
Time Spent10

Recipe Used: Baker By Nature

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