12 Days of Christmas Baking- Pastry Edition Day 9: Traditional Fried Rosettes

Photo: K.Henriques

Another frying recipe! I’m getting better about frying things, but I think having a little nervousness is good to keep you from becoming too lax and potentially starting a grease fire. These eastern European treats remind me of funnel cake, which I love. You do need to buy specific tools to make these, but they’re easily found online.

Honestly the longest time spent making this recipe was heating the oil. It just takes a while for multiple cups of oil to heat, but be sure to have everything ready once it’s gets to the right time to avoid the oil getting too hot. The batter is super easy to make and I put mine in a loaf pan so I could dip both rosette rings into the batter at the same time (this was a tip I saw online!).

Once the oil reaches the right temperature you’ll dip the rosette iron into the oil for about a minute, then blot on a paper towel and put the iron into the batter. Then, you’ll dip this back into the hot oil. It’s not crazy hard, but it does have a few steps and the batter can get stuck on the side of the rosette irons, which you’ll need to gently pry off. I found the star iron didn’t hold the batter as well as the actual rosette one.

Some of my rosettes fell apart, but I had a few that turned out pretty. Shake some powdered sugar on top and these are ready to eat! While they look a lot like funny cake they’re more hollow underneath so they’re crispier. I would definitely try these again as they’re fun to make and look really nice. The kit I bought came with solid irons to make little cups that could hold pastry cream or pudding so I might try it next time.

Baking Ease10
Time Spent10

Recipe Used: Spruce Eats

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