12 Days of Christmas Baking- Pastry Edition Day 2: Cinnamon Bun Palmiers

Photo: K.Henriques

Palmiers are a classic french puff pastry cookie and while I had seen them in photos before, I actually didn’t know what they were called. A friend and I thought it would be fun to make and while we cheated a little and used store bought puff pastry it made this recipe super easy to make.

These are actually so easy, you almost don’t even need a recipe, however it does help to look at the pictures on the Brit + Co recipe to make sure you’re folding it correctly. Just thaw your puff pastry for about 15 minutes, then you roll it out on the counter. Pour a cinnamon sugar mixture onto the puff pastry and then you’ll end up folding it several times and cut into 1/2-inch slices. We did one set following the instructions, and then melted some butter on the second set to see if the cinnamon sugar mixture would stick a little better. I’m not sure how much it really helped and I didn’t necessarily notice a difference in taste so might not be worth it. Once cut, you’ll place these kind of standing up (helps to see the pictures on the recipe) and then bake. We took any of the cinnamon sugar mixture that fell out or was leftover and sprinkled it on the tops of these.

While they were baking we made the icing, which again is very easy. We let the cookies cool a little before drizzling with the icing and eating. These were so good, and had the taste of a cinnamon roll without all of the effort and heaviness. Maybe next time I’ll make my own puff pastry, but for now, this was a great and easy recipe I would highly recommend!

Baking Ease10
Time Spent10

Recipe Used: Brit + Co

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