Cast-Iron Skillet Pizza Margherita

Photo by: K. Henriques

I’m playing around with having some kind of theme for some of my postings so this month I’m focusing on various bread and bread-like recipes. Since kids are back in school I chose this recipe to kick things off since it’s a great recipe to make ahead for super easy weeknight dinners. Now, I know what you’re thinking: this is actually a meal, not just a savory bake. While that may be true the base is a pizza dough so that’s my excuse, plus it’s such a good recipe I had to include it!

My husband has been perfecting this recipe over the last few months and while the base of the dough recipe is America’s Test Kitchen, he uses more water (just under a full cup). After mixing everything together we immediately split the dough out and put it in the fridge to rise. If you’ve got a stand mixer then it makes this entire process simple because the mixer really does all of the work. I’ve never tried this without using it but just know it will require kneading so that will making the baking ease and time spent longer.

Note: We found the taste is better if you let it sit in the fridge a few days rather than using right after rising. The bonus of this is that you can prep this in advance and then you’ve got fresh dough ready during the week to make the perfect pan size pizza!

Once you’ve got the pizza dough completely done and are ready to make the pizza just preheat the oven, take the dough out to the right diameter, brush the skillet with oil, put the shaped dough in the skillet, turn the eye on, then as it is frying on the stove top go ahead and dress the pizza with sauce and toppings. Don’t rush this process (America’s Test Kitchen will say about 2-4 minutes); take a little time and dress this as you want and unless you just take forever by the time you’re done it’s probably crispy on the bottom and ready to go into the oven. If you do want to test it though, take a spatula and if you can gently lift the dough up it’s ready (but this will make your toppings fall a little so be careful).

Baking Ease8
Time Spent7

Recipe Used: America’s Test Kitchen

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