Banana Pudding

Photo by: K. Henriques

Is it even a 4th of July celebration without Banana Pudding?!? This is hands down the easiest recipe you’ll ever make and I’m pretty sure it took about 10 minutes. Outside of an amazing banana pudding I had at Germantown Commissary in Memphis years ago, (you know what I’m talking about HH) this is one of my favorite banana pudding’s. I’ve always loved banana pudding but not all banana pudding’s are created equal. Paula Deen did a great job of adding some changes to this classic recipe that really help add a lot of flavor.

Firstly, the chessman cookies are ingenious as they have more flavor than vanilla wafers. Second, the creamy custard/pudding has a lot of flavor but still sets up giving a fluffy pudding texture with a lot of vanilla flavor. While this recipe is quick, I would recommend letting all of the ingredients meld together for at least a few hours before eating as it helps soften the cookies thus making it easier to cut and eat.

There you have it: an easy banana pudding you can make the night before that takes almost no time that doesn’t compromise on taste. Let me know what you think about banana pudding and where you’ve had the best banana pudding on Instagram by looking for @khconfections.

Baking Ease10
Time Spent10

Recipe Used: Paula Deen

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