Oat Crisp Chocolate Cookies (Havreflarn Med Choklad)

Photo: K. Henriques

According to the internet fika “is a Swedish word meaning “to have coffee”, often accompanied with pastries, cookies or pie.” My boss is Swedish so I thought it would be fun to try a recipe from my Fika cookbook and bring them in for an authentic Fika.

This recipe isn’t hard, but you’ll need to use a food processor to create the oat flour. I’m sure you could buy oat flour but it’s not too much work to do this yourself and since I rarely use oat flour it’s worth it. I followed everything in the directions except the size of these cookies. Our 2 inch cookie scoop was dirty so I made the executive decision to just make them a little bigger. If you decide to do that just be mindful of the baking time as it will need to bake longer if they’re larger cookies. I think I let each batch bake 5-10 minutes more (or until I could tell they were starting to brown around the edges) so it didn’t change the time a lot.

There are a couple of different ways you can use chocolate with these cookies. The directions say to put the chocolate on the bottom of one cookie and then add another so it creates a little cookie sandwich. Because my cookies were so much bigger and I wanted enough to share with my colleagues I opted to not create the cookie sandwiches and just put the chocolate in a piping bag and did a little design on the top of each cookie.

These cookies tasted great with a cup of coffee and were a nice afternoon snack during the workday. I am not a huge fan of ginger so having that in the chocolate wasn’t my favorite and I’d likely omit it if I made this again but if you like ginger then go for it. Overall a really fun treat and I’m always glad to take a few minutes out of my afternoon to grab a cup of coffee or tea and have a little snack!

Baking Ease10
Time Spent9

Recipe Used: Fika p. 35

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