Sausage Balls

Photo by: K. Henriques

I love sausage balls but I’m not a fan of touching raw sausage and I feel like the consistency isn’t right. I also wanted to find a recipe that used self-rising flour rather than Bisquick just for the fun of it. I ran across this recipe while searching and was immediately intrigued to see that you basically throw everything into a food processor and mix it. I love recipes that are super simple, especially when it comes to breakfast!

It was very simple, though you’ll need to pulse quick a bit to ensure everything gets mixed properly. I didn’t add all of the cayenne pepper but I was excited at how many different spices were here to help add flavor. I grabbed a cookie scoop and put these on a cookie sheet to bake for 11 minutes and never had to touch the mixture at all! I did temp check these to ensure they were at 160 F because I wanted to be certain the sausage was cooked.

These were so tender and because the cheese was cut up into smaller sections from the food processor it felt cheesier. I loved the maple syrup flavor (wasn’t my husbands favorite) and these felt like they had so much flavor thanks to the spices. Absolutely one of the easiest recipes that yielded amazing results; this is my new go-to recipe for sausage balls!

Baking Ease10
Time Spent10

Recipe Used: Bite Sized Kitchen

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