Hostess Cupcake

Photo by: K. Henriques

Okay… I’m cheating a little on this recipe. The cake is a Devil’s Food cake mix and then the icing is chocolate fudge from the plastic containers on the baking aisle. All you really make from scratch is the middle layer, which is a carton of whipped topping, 1 block of cream cheese, and a half cup of sugar. I’m not sure where this recipe originated from as someone made it for our family once when bringing dinner and apparently there are a ton of similar recipes online.

The assemble the cake you just cut the 8 inch cakes in half and then put the cream cheese mixture in the middle and keep doing this, leaving the last layer bare. Then you melt the chocolate fudge icing (make sure you pull the silver tin off first!) and gently pour it on top so it coats the cake and runs over the sides. As a note, you’ll want to make sure you’re using a curved plate to keep the icing from completely running off the plate.

The reason I’m sharing this is two-fold. First, this cake is really simple and really good. You definitely want to make this for a crowd though because a little of this cake goes a long way. Second, while I was making this I wondered how much better this cake would taste if everything was made from scratch. It’s fairly easy to find a good chocolate cake recipe, then the cream cheese mixture has potential to be fixed up a little, and finally a nice chocolate ganache would literally be the icing on the cake. So stay tuned for the fancier version of this cake, but until then try this easy recipe to see how good it is for yourself.

Baking Ease9
Time Spent9

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