Churro Cake

Photo by: K. Henriques

I’ve got good news and bad news for this recipe. First, the good news. This cake is amazing! The bad news? It’s not for the faint of heart and is very time consuming (but it’s so worth it!). My cousin made this cake for my birthday one year, which is how I even found out about this gem. I made it for the first time last year and the tried it again a few weeks ago. The above photo is actually from last year because we were too busy eating the cake this year for me to remember to take a photo. For the record, I’ve yet to make my cake look as good as the ones in the photos on the Kitchy Kitchen’s website. This will likely be a recipe I continue to experiment on so just stay tuned for any updates. Just as an FYI, this isn’t a cake you just decide to make; it’s a multi-day process. There are several components you can do ahead a time so I usually start 2 days before I want to eat the cake.

Day one: first, I’ll brown the butter and just put it in a container once cooled to use the following night for the cakes. I also go ahead and make the Pralinella. As a note, the pralinella is what you see covering the cake in the above photo. I felt like it didn’t look pretty at all so I made a few adjustments to how I decorated the cake to help solve this problem but I still think mine is a little too thin compared to the recipe so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Day two: let the browned butter come to room temperature so it’s easier to use and make the actual cakes. I never seem to learn my lesson with this cake but next time I will remember to cut some parchment paper to put in the bottom of the cake pans so my cake doesn’t break while I’m trying to get it out. Thankfully I was able to piece it together this past time, but learn from my mistakes! The last two times I’ve made this I went ahead and make the Mexican chocolate frosting as well, but you have to put it in the fridge overnight and both times it was as hard as a rock when I got ready to pipe it onto the cake because the chocolate hardens again. This past time I thawed it in the microwave and that helped, but I might just wait to make it right before assembly the next time if I can time.

Day three: make the Mexican chocolate frosting if you haven’t already. Before you start assembling though you’ll want to go ahead and make the churros. I’ve made them ahead of time before but they didn’t really get crispy (despite popping them back in the oven for a few minutes) so I would recommend waiting until the day of to make these. I don’t love deep frying stuff because it just makes me nervous, but the batter is easy to make and I used a star tip so once I got the hang of piping into the hot oil and cutting it (you’ll probably want a second pair of hands for this) they actually turned out pretty good looking. Let these cool a little while you get everything ready for assembly.

For the assembly: it says to pour the Pralinella over the first layer of cake. As mentioned, mine has been too runny and ends up just making a giant (but delicious) mess. In order to resolve this issue I pipped around the edge of the cake with the Mexican chocolate frosting and then poured the Pralinella in the middle. Then you can press some of the churro crumbles into the middle of the cake so there’s a little crunch. You just do this for all three layers and then I did a circle of the Mexican chocolate frosting in the middle and stacked a few churros on top for decoration.

That’s it! It’s definitely one of the most time consuming recipes I’ve ever done before, but so worth it! Also, you’ll have to take my word for this, but round two of this cake looked a lot better than the picture above.

Baking Ease4
Time Spent2

Recipe Used: Kitchy Kitchen

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