Best Apple Pie Cookies

Photo: K. Henriques

It’s National Apple Pie Day! I could have made an apple pie to celebrate but I thought it would be fun to do something slightly different so I found a recipe for apple pie cookies!

Making the apple filling was very easy and I love breaking down apples in butter and sugar because it makes the house smell so good. I know it’s not even summer yet but makes me think of my favorite season: fall! This recipe doesn’t specify what kind of apples to use so I used granny smith since those work well in baked goods.

You probably could make your own pie dough; however this recipe makes it easy by using refrigerated pie dough. I cut out all of my rounds and then the strips. I didn’t measure so they’re not all uniform but I’m calling it rustic and going with it. I put all my rounds on a baking sheets (with parchment paper on it) and then added the filling directly to the middle. It was at this point that I could a little concerned because I was concerned the filling would spill out the sides while baking. So I did half following the instructions and then half I pinched the sides to make a sort of well and then did a lattice topping. I’ve never done lattice work before on a pie so it looks a little rough.

The glaze is pretty standard and easy to throw together so shouldn’t be any issues there; however I completely forgot to make the glaze before taking the photos and eating! This recipe is pretty quick and easy with the apple peeling/chopping and lattice work being the most time consuming part. You will want to leave a little time for your filling to cool though so be sure to factor that in if you try this recipe. Amazingly the filling did not spill out so I was very excited about that! I ranked my cookies at a 9 just because I felt like they could have been a little cleaner looking. I think it’ll look better next time since I’ve gotten the hang of the lattice work and now that I know the filling won’t spill out.

These were very fun and a nice little bit of apple pie. Because they were so small I didn’t feel bad about having two. Very good and worth making for sure!

Baking Ease9
Time Spent9

Recipe used: Pioneer Woman

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