Cream Cheese Banana Nut Bread

Photo: K. Henriques

It’s National Banana Bread Day! I didn’t know that was a thing, but I guess there’s a day for almost everything so why not celebrate delicious banana bread? I’ve made banana bread many times before and have my favorite recipe (amazingly one I’ve never actually posted about!), but I always have bananas in the freezer so I like to try different recipes like this one.

This is a really easy recipe and I was able to throw it together quickly. I let my cream cheese and butter come to room temperature to help soften it, which helped a lot. Most banana bread recipes I’ve tried call for walnuts so it was fun to toast pecans for this recipe; though I almost forgot about the pecans in the oven. Thankfully they didn’t burn, but I’m sure they were probably a little toastier than expected.

Our loaf pan is bigger than what is called for so I just used it. This did create a slightly longer bake time since I was using one larger pan rather than 2 medium size pans but I kept an eye on it to ensure it wasn’t under or over baked.

This is a really good recipe and I liked how the cream cheese added a slight tang and different texture for the bread. I just made the standard recipe, but it’s also nice knowing there are a lot of fun variations you could try. I would definitely try the Cinnamon Crisp-Topped Cream Cheese-Banana-Nut Bread next time. It’s a great recipe that doesn’t take a ton of active baking time and tastes good. Worth baking for sure!

Baking Ease10
Time Spent10

Recipe Used: Southern Living

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