Chocolate Breakfast Muffins

Photo by: K. Henriques

These muffins are my husband’s favorite and a frequent at our house. I don’t mind a chocolate chip muffin every once in a while, but that’s his preference and these are perfect because it’s double chocolate! While I’ve made this recipe many times this is the first time I’ve actually posted about the recipe.

I feel like I saw this often, but it’s a pretty standard recipe. You mix all of the dry ingredients together along with the chocolate chips; then mix together all of the wet ingredients. As a note, you melt the butter but keep it separate until you start mixing everything together.

We have always used white vinegar since it’s usually what we have on hand. One thing to be sure to use is the dutch process cocoa, which we sometimes have difficulty finding depending on which grocery store we visit. Curious to know the difference between dutch process and regular cocoa? King Arthur always has a ton of great baking information and wrote a blog on the differences.

Add the wet ingredients and butter to the dry ingredients and then give it a nice stir until everything is combined. Then you’re ready to pop these into the oven! I didn’t have any sparkling sugar when I made these so we just left them off. These are so so good when they’re still warm out of the oven but you can always warm it in the microwave the next day too.

Baking Ease10
Time Spent10

Recipe Used: King Arthur

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