S’mores Brownies

Photo: K. Henriques

Nothing feels more like Fall than a delicious s’more! When I saw this recipe for S’mores Brownies I thought it would be a fun mash-up. I’ll go ahead and say it is a bit messy.

The recipe starts off pretty easy with the graham cracker crumble. It’s simple to throw together and also tasted pretty good when I sampled it. The brownies weren’t difficult either; the biggest thing to watch for is making sure you don’t over-mix the batter. Lay out the graham crackers into the bottom of the pan and then pour the batter over it. As a note, apparently I don’t own a 9×9 pan so we had to use an 8×8 pan. In hindsight, I wish I had used a bigger pan as the got really messy trying to top everything later.

Once the brownies were done we sprinkled a little Maldon sea salt as directed, then added most of the graham cracker crumble. My husband isn’t a fan of Hershey’s chocolate so we used a Lindt milk chocolate bar instead. This is where things started to get a little messy as my brownies were close to the top of the pan already and the more I added to it the messier things got. By the time I got to the marshmallows I was having to strategically place them so they’d stay on top. I popped them in the broiler and as you can tell by the photo left it in there a tinge too long as the middle marshmallows were actually on fire. I should have used the kitchen torch instead… Then I garnished with the last little bit of graham cracker crumble.

All in all this wasn’t difficult to make but was more in-depth than a typical brownie recipe and took a little longer since you’re adding so many toppings. It took me longer than I realized, but that also might have been because the pan was too small and I kept having to make sure stuff wasn’t falling off. I ranked it lower visually but that’s because I burned the marshmallows. While I love s’mores and brownies, I felt like the combination of the two was a little too much for me personally. It was hard to eat in one bit (and messy again) and was just very rich.

I probably wouldn’t make these again just because I’d rather have one or the other, but I am glad I tried the recipe!

Baking Ease9
Time Spent9

Recipe Used: Parsley and Icing

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