Pumpkin Pie

Photo by: K. Henriques

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m posting early today in case you need a quick and yummy dessert to eat with your thanksgiving meal. If you have a can of pumpkin puree, a can of sweetened condensed milk, some eggs, and spices then you’re set. Well, and a pie crust… that’s pretty important too (we generally get the deep dish pie crusts).

I pulled my pie crust out of the freezer when I started preheating the oven and the timing worked out pretty good. Throwing together all of the ingredients was a breeze. As a note, we used the Libby’s brand because we actually made this pie earlier this week (to celebrate Friendsgiving) and used an organic brand. It tasted fine, but the color wasn’t as deep as Chef John’s and it was a little runnier. We also grated our own nutmeg which has a fresher taste than your normal ground nutmeg. I also accidentally ended up putting two whole eggs because I was trying to split the eggs over the bowl (probably shouldn’t do this…) and without thinking put the egg white into the bowl instead of the yolk. I was going to try and get some out but my husband said it wouldn’t make too big of a difference so I just kept it in there. Be sure to note the two different baking temperatures/times in this recipe as that’s important step.

This pie is flavorful without being overly sweet and the perfect finale to your thanksgiving meal. Topped with whipped cream or just eat it by itself!

Baking Ease10
Time Spent9

Recipe Used: Food Wishes (Chef John)

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