Banana Bread

Photo: K. Henriques

We always seem to have a ton of banana’s in the freezer and while I love the banana bread recipe we grew up making I like to vary things up sometimes. I found this recipe from Pioneer Woman and since I had just gotten a new bundt cake pan I thought this would be the perfect recipe to break it in.

This is a pretty simple recipe to throw together and while it takes 70 minutes to bake it doesn’t take a lot of active work time. While the sour cream is supposed to keep the bread from being dry I felt like it was still a little dry. I used 4 bananas so it’s possible that wasn’t quite 1 1/2 cups of banana but I also could have used a little more banana flavor too so I might add a little more next time. I love walnuts in my banana bread too so that might be something else I would add as well.

All in all I enjoyed trying this recipe and thought it was very good and it looked beautiful. Certainly a nice change of pace and I’d definitely try it again.

Baking Ease10
Time Spent9

Recipe Used: Pioneer Woman

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