12 Days of Christmas Baking Day 9: Vínarterta

Photo: K.Henriques

Vínarterta is known as the Icelandic Celebration Cake and is often made during the Christmas season. Despite using prunes, this recipe looks pretty and seemed fairly easy so I decided to give it a try. I halved the recipe since I didn’t have enough prunes and so we didn’t have so much baked goods in the house.

The prune mixture was pretty easy to make and I did that first so it could be cooling while the cookies baked. The cookie was pretty easy to put together as well; though you’ll want to make sure your counter top is floured each time otherwise it’ll be hard to get the cookie up once cut. Because I halved the recipe I did more rectangular slices because I wanted to make sure I had at least 5 layers.

I trimmed the cookie slices down a little before putting everything together and then began layering. The prune mixture was pretty thick so the edges look a little rough, but I knew cutting it would help clean up those sides. However, when I did that the top cookie cracked a little. I had already tasted the cookie by itself since I had a few extra pieces and it had a nice almond flavor. Like the author of this recipe I am not a fan of prunes, but I was surprised this tasted pretty good and it had a nice plummy flavor.

Baking Ease9
Time Spent9

Recipe Used: Port & Fin

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