12 Days of Christmas Baking Day 3: Conchas (Mexican Pan Dulce)

Photo by: K. Henriques

Wow… I thought yesterday tested my abilities. Today’s challenge stepped things up a little!

First, I would definitely recommend watching the video under the instructions beforehand as it was really helpful to watch someone else doing this before starting. Second, I should have started this dough last night and let it rise in the fridge overnight. I vastly underestimated how much rising/resting time this dough needed so from start to finish it’s taken six hours. Save yourself the trouble and do this overnight as recommended by Rick Bayless if you try this recipe.

As far as putting the dough together that wasn’t really hard. I did have to add a little more flour during the kneading process in the stand mixer because it was too sticky. The only other thing that we had to adjust was the streusel topping as it was way too dry when I pulled it out to put on the buns. We added about another teaspoon or two or egg whites and then just mixed it really well. I was excited to be able to use our tortilla press for this and it worked perfectly!

I probably should have made my streusel rounds a little smaller as they draped over the edge a little bit but I just tucked those under. It was a little difficult to try and cut the shell design into the streusel while trying not to press on the buns.

Again, this was something I had neither seen before much less tasted but these are so good! They are perfect right out of the oven even though it’s dinnertime and I should be eating that first. 🙂 Worth the wait and certainly something I’ll make again!

Baking Ease8
Time Spent5

Recipe Used: Rick Bayless

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