French Macarons

Photo by: K. Henriques

Note: check out the updated post on macarons here!

I’ve been baking a lot of cakes and cupcakes lately and decided it was time to try something different. Wanting a bit of a challenge I decided it was time to finally try french macarons. King Arthur’s recipe seemed pretty straight-forward and the last several recipes I’ve used from them have been great so that’s what I decided to use.

Since I’ve never made french macarons, and they’re known to be quite tricky, the part I was worried most about was combining the syrup/egg white mixture with the flour/confectioners sugar mixture. It was tough to know when the mixture best resembled ribbons as the recipe instructed. Once I felt like the mixture was where it needed to be I piped them onto some parchment paper and let them set for 2 hours as instructed.

One thing I didn’t think about before baking was doing two strips of parchment paper rather than one large one. I was able to use a knife to cut it down the middle thankfully so it would fit on one of my cookie sheets. Good lesson learned for next time…

I could tell immediately upon taking them out of the oven that something went wrong. As shown in the picture the tops were not nicely rounded and were a bit cracked. I whipped together a simple ganache for the filling and pipped that in the middle once the tops were cool. They tasted good, but weren’t as pretty as I had hoped.

After some research we determined that there were four reasons the tops could have cracked. First, it could have been the food coloring that I used. Second, I might not have whipped the mixture enough. Third, it could have rested or cooked too long. Fourth, the humidity was too high. So that narrows it down right?? I’ll just have to make them again to keep perfecting things so stay tuned for these updates.

Baking Ease7
Time Spent8

Recipe Used: King Arthur

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